Hey, my name is Cate, I am 15 and I am aiming for 2016 Open Nationals. I am swim obsessed and aiming to be the best I can be. Check the links and navi tab for more x since I hit counter on 23rd January 2014

  • *gets DQed in a race*
  • Coach: ...
  • Swimmer: it's a metaphor

panicatth3fa11out asked: More advice to those with minor shoulder injuries: KT tape is your best friend



I second this for minor shoulder injuries
And heat packs

Anonymous asked: Okay so in gym class my teacher was doing this thing where he was writing recommendations for this more intense "for athletes only" gym class and he asked us if we were interested in doing the class, so I decided to raise my hand to sign up and my teacher asked me what sport I played and I said swimming and he laughed at me and told my whole class & I that swimmings not a real sport. (I went off on him and ranted about how swimming is the most coveted sport in the Olympics and he needs to stfu)


omg YES U TELL HIM that jerk





Breaststrokers will all agree that when ever they do ‘Best Stroke Sets’ all they worry about is HOW THE HELL WILL I MAKE THAT SEND OFF

while freestylers are just chilled with their 15 second rest


and if you’re a flyer you die inside



Does anyone else get mad when parents, who don’t know much about swimming, try and tell you, the swimmer, how to swim?

Guess who leaves for Cali tomorrowwwwwww?!

Swimmers; a Haiku

Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep
Swim swim swim swim swim swim swim
Eat eat eat eat eat


Swimming pools:
- 10% water
- 15% chlorine
- 25% pee
- 50% tears

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