Hey, my name is Cate, I am 15 and I am aiming for 2016 Open Nationals. I am swim obsessed and aiming to be the best I can be. Check the links and navi tab for more x since I hit counter on 23rd January 2014

Swimmers; a Haiku

Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep
Swim swim swim swim swim swim swim
Eat eat eat eat eat


Swimming pools:
- 10% water
- 15% chlorine
- 25% pee
- 50% tears

Anonymous asked: y did u take the liricks from rick ashley never gonna give u up song that isnt ur own poetrey

Conan Facepalm

someone motivate me to finish cleaning my room


My favorite part of swim practice is getting out.


when you drink the water and the tummy go sploosh sploosh



the definition of a healthy lifestyle is not working out all the time, eating fruits and vegetables and lifting.

a healthy lifestyle is doing whatever you like, smiling, inner peace, eating whatever you like and whatever is good for your body and your soul, loving, being happy, laughing with the ones you love, feeling comfortable with your body and being positive. enjoy being alive.


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