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Fill In These Things About You
  • Name: Cate
  • Birthday: August 13th
  • Height: 166cm
  • eye color: brown
  • Hair color: dark brown
  • A random fact about you: I have a Science test today that I'm actually somewhat prepared for
  • Favorite band: arctic monkeys
  • Favorite song: Strawberry Swing Frank Ocean cover (but this honestly changed every week)
  • Favorite food: big bowl of fruit salad
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite animal: Giraffe
  • Favorite movie: French version of LOL
  • Are you currently in a relationship?: Nah
  • Anything you need to work on?: my maths and eating a good breakfast that fills me till 10:30am
  • Who ended your last relationship?: hahahahaha
  • Are you friends with your ex?: hahaha
  • Do you prefer someone shorter or taller?: taller
  • Dark hair or light hair?: Either
  • Smart or attractive?: but what if you find someone smart attractive, or an attractive person smart?
  • Is creativity attractive?: Yep
  • Do you care how much money they have?: No (until I go to buy something and realise I can't)
  • Your last phone call: my Mum
  • Your last text: 'can't wait till Saturday'
  • The last thing you ate: apple
  • The last thing you drank: water
  • The last song you listened to: Wanna Be Yours (Arctic Monkeys)
  • The last book you read: probably a wattpad story
  • The last movie you watched: The First Time
  • Do you play any instruments?: nah
  • What are you pets’ names?: Don't have any :(
  • Your favorite board game: snakes and ladders
  • A random childhood memory: Visiting NZ and seeing movies with my grandparents at cinemas that have sofas
  • Places you would like to visit: Heaps. Currently loving the idea of going to England, Italy, France, USA and Canada.
  • Your favorite color to wear: black or blue
  • What I should be doing right now: getting ready for school

Anonymous said: Do you have a shoulder injury


Actually really bummed there isn’t a live streaming..


Me too! I woke up for it 😩

Try going to Channel Ten One HD Australia and see if they post it, that’s where they have it on here

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What I should be doing: studying for a test tomorrow
What I am doing: watching PanPacs


I made this earlier today and find it quite relaxing, hope you like it :)

Update- gym membership and excitement

So I finally joined the gym: well, convinced mum to let me go as I’m not swimming at the moment.

Today my trainer helped me to ‘build a program’ specific to my needs. It was probably a challenge with her, after I told her I couldn’t lift weights or use upper body strength, and was trying to avoid relapsing my hip injury. I’m going to be focusing on cardio and lower body/core strength for the next month.

My program is something I’m really happy with; it’s based on high intensity interval training for the cardio (or just interval training depending on my mood), and a series of strength exercises, including the use of the leg press and other things.

I’m really excited to see where this takes me: I’m pretty keen and it will be good to finally be able to do a hard workout again. I’m also allowed to use the pool which is great, but I will only be doing snorkel kick of course.

I’m looking forward to what I can do, even if I am pretty limited I think it will be really good: I also have two other friends there at the moment so it’ll be good to have a workout buddy some days after school.

Anyway, that’s a short little update from me… anyone got any advice or stories to share about beginner gym people or their day? Send me an ask :P

This makes me really happy and sets such a good vibe I’m so happy now

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